Helping Your Business Be Efficient

Let us do the heavy lifting

Strozier Education Technology Solutions is a consulting firm that develops training plans and curriculums and provides educational technology services for hire.

This firm will provide the following services:

  • Digital Transformation of In person trainings
  • Blended learning (A combination of in person and virtual instruction)
  • Webinar production and hosting
  • Instructional design
  • Course Authoring

Our customers are social media influencers, bloggers, public personalities, non-profits, small businesses, and universities. What separates us from similar consulting firms is that we are focused the impact of your message. Every potential customer will be provided with a holistic plan as well as one time or add on services. To learn more about our customers please review the Market Research: Primary Research section. The market is full of companies working in this space, but what differentiates Strozier Education Technology Solutions is that we are focused on improving our customers communication style. It is our hope that each client will gain more than the work of an expert, but that they will gain skills that will allow them to produce better content in the future.

Webinar Production

Instructional Design

Project Management